Behind the name

Lattus is all about “us.” The spelling is a creative derivation from the word lattice. A lattice is an interlaced structure of individual pieces that are fastened together, making them stronger to help vertically growing plants reach new heights.


The people we interact with each day can positively influence everything we do. With a structured approach, we can focus the communications and tap into unknown opportunities.


Lattus is a platform that helps people (us) reach our max potential together by learning from one another through sharing insights, perspectives, and experiences.

Founder & CEO

Pete Schramm

I love helping people. The most rewarding way for me to do this is by connecting individuals to learn and grow from one another’s experiences. I began mentoring fellow and prospective students while studying mechanical engineering at Catholic University and have not slowed down since! I have facilitated many positive conversations that led to great connections and eye-opening opportunities.

As my network has grown, my approach has evolved. In February 2018, I received more than 30 phone calls from college students and recent graduates who were looking for advice and perspective. Most students were seeking to gain insight to the working world and understand the correlation between job opportunities and various majors. I quickly found out that I was not able to answer all of their questions and that I did not have enough time to talk with everybody. This inspired me to create a tool that connects these individuals to those that could give them guidance and the information they are seeking.

The solution is Lattus. Our goal is to match curious, motivated minds with accomplished, experienced individuals to foster learning and to gain insight. The team is growing, and together we are committed to continuous improvement and development. Lattus emphasizes personal conversations and empowers people to connect in a meaningful way. Lattus is simple and has the potential to change the world for the better. Sign up with Lattus and help us make networking personal in today’s digital world.

Send me an email with any feedback or suggestions – pete@lattus.org.