Success stories

Career Change Opportuntiies, DOD

I reached out to Lattus when I wanted to learn more about other career opportunities. Pete and the Lattus team opened my eyes to a myriad of options – some of which I was not aware of at all! After a few Lattus conversations I found what I wanted to pursue, prepared for the interviews, and now I am leading a team of brilliant people to solve the problems of tomorrow. The 25% salary increase was sweet too. Thanks Lattus – we need to share this with more of the world ASAP!

  • Mark (mid-career professional)​
Startup guidance

This is great and I want the rest of my network to get onto Lattus right now so we can learn and grow from one another and use Lattus to help one another achieve our dreams. I used Lattus to get some feedback from others that started their own businesses and now I am launching my own. I am also using Lattus grow my tribe and it helps me keep everybody engaged EVEN DURING COVID-19!

  • Maddie (recruiter, entrepreneur)​
Ideation and strategy

I joined my Lattus group after my 10-week class concluded and it’s been a great way to keep in touch. We learned a lot in the CORE class and this tool gives me a way to practice what I learned and keep “sharpening the saw” to continue getting better. I talk with my mentors (accountability partners) on a bi-weekly basis and we push each other forward. Let’s change the world!

  • Nikia (class participant, entrepreneur)​
Professional guidance and mentoring

I love Lattus! I have been super involved since Pete got this started in 2018 and have used the platform almost monthly to land my first job out of college and now I use it to stay connected with others from my college and now I use it to connect with other rock stars in my leadership development program. My mentors are in the platform and it’s simple to keep track of our conversations and track my actions, their actions too. Lattus is actually mentoring made easy – take it from me – a (Michigan) guy who is bought in and ready to help Lattus make the world a better place for all of us…Go Blue!

  • Joe (early-career professional)​
Resume review feedback

I started applying to jobs recently and needed some help with refreshing my resume and preparing for interviews. As soon as I joined a group on Lattus I was able to connect with others and outline my professional goals while also keeping my personal priorities in mind. If we are too busy working, is it actually worth it? I talked with John, Steve, Maddie, and Pete on a few occasions and Lattus made the entire process seamless. I look forward to keepign in touch with some of them as mentors for a while to come! This trusted environment is just what I needed.

  • Sean (mid-career professional)​
Startup (turtleball)

I am now a full time entrepreneur and looking to scale my business, trick is that I have never done this before. Thanks to Lattus and Pete’s network I have been able to bounce ideas off of others and tap into their decades of experience that I just dont have…yet. I have a mentor for supply chain, another for marketing outreach, and a third for business strategy. These mentors are helping me achieve my dreams.

  • Dan (entrepreneur, alumni connection)​
Business Development

I had my first mentor discussion last week and it went great! Ryan, the protégé (mentee), was able to quickly schedule a call based on my availability within the app, which was great as it avoided the typical three or four coordination emails, understand the topical area for discussion, and all without input beyond adding my availability. Ryan had some specific struggles in his newish BD role with which I was able to offer guidance based on similar issues I’d had in the past.

  • Cindy (Trade association member)​
Job Opportunities

I had the pleasure of connecting with multiple college students and recent grads on a few Lattus conversations after a recent career panel and I am so glad that we could stay connected with this tool. The in person event was awesome but I was not able to talk with everybody that night. Lattus made it simple for us to follow up and keep the discussion going. I am now mentoring two of the students and another may come to work at my compnay soon!

  • Michelle (Company, hiring manager)​
Trade Association Mentor Program

Where have you been, Lattus??? My team and I used to send tons of emails to our members asking them how they wanted to go about mentoring each year. We sat in a room and ate take-out while we manually made matches on an excel file. Then we had to do the email introductions and most of the time people just got mad at us for taking too long. Lattus made it easy to upload our members to our private group and their matching algorithm took care of the rest; it really is a one-stop-shop for mentoring. We were able to track qaulity and metrics along the way. Lattus made our lives so much easier and we are excited to use it again for the program next year.

  • Alexa (Trade association mentor program lead)​
Collegiate Alumni Connection Tool

We used Lattus for a pilot at our school and the students loved the tool. They saw the clear value in the offering and their favorite aspect was that it was simple and intuitive – it did not overwhelme them with too many options. Lattus made it simple for them to connect with alumni mentors on varying levels.

  • Josh (Career services, university admin)​
Real Estate Opportunties

It is refreshing to be able to mentor others in a streamlined manner. Until Lattus, I had a difficult time finding an outlet to pay it forward to others and share more about my experiences in the real estate business. I have participated in a few conversations and love the easy and intuitive process and the simplicity of the offering. I connected with students from my alma mater and local professionals.

  • Owen (executive)​
Project management career opportunties

I am so excited to start this next phase of my career. I would never have had an opportunity like this if it wasn’t for Lattus and the network. I was looking at jobs that were similar to mine, just to break into the industry. I was willing to take a pay-cut and work my way up the ranks of a large company. But with the role I just got through you [Lattus], I have nearly double my salary, I have an increase in responsibility that I wouldn’t have seen for another 10 years, and I believe my career will grow tremendously under my new manager.

  • Vic (young professional)​
Career guidance and networking

I could not have landed the job of my dreams without Lattus. The app helped connect me to numerous mentors who assisted me in my job search, referrals, and interview prep. Additionally, these individuals kept a positive attitude throughout the whole process allowing me to feel more energized and confident about my prospects. Thanks Lattus!

  • Divya (recent college grad, alumni connection)​
First job out of college, interview prep, resume review

I graduated from college recently and did not know where to look for jobs, was unsure how to prepare for an interview, did not know what an informational interview was, needed help updating my resume, and Lattus provided me with the support that I needed to schedule multiple interviews. Job offers coming soon – wish me luck!

  • JP (recent college grad, alumni connection)​
Career options in aerospace and defense

Although I barely knew Pete through a mutual connection, it was obvious that he is very passionate about helping people and connecting them to the right people. When he told me about Lattus, I was excited to use the platform, because one of the most challenging parts of learning what to expect in industry as a college student is to find the right person to direct the questions to. It was such a seamless experience, selecting my interests and scheduling a time to talk to professionals with years of industry experience through Lattus. I was humbled by their willingness to answer my questions, share insight, offer advice, and continue to keep in touch for the long run. The lack of social media presence also makes the connections and conversations feel more personal and this platform much more unique.

  • Caleb (college student)​
Defense contracting, program management, career change

Lattus afforded me the opportunity to connect with a retired executive from industry when I was looking to make a career change (15 years out of college). Pete and the Lattus team have worked tirelessly to connect me with five others in industry (on more Lattus chats) to learn about opportunities that I am interested in. I am glad that Lattus is here to break down the walls and streamline the process of gaining access to the information that I need.

  • Steve (mid-career professional, HR/recruiter resource)​
Startups and sales as first job out of college

Mr Miller was very helpful explaining the process I would need to go through to get into sales role out school. He also told me to call him anytime, opening up a great mentor mentee relationship going forward. I have used Lattus a few times now and really see the value. I was fine paying $10 for this conversation and would definitely pay more.

  • Donald (college student)​
Industrial organizational psychology

Lattus made it easy to connect inside our member network! I connected with Nikki to learn more about her business and gain insight and perspective to what Industrial Organizational (IO) psychology is and how it can be applied to startups. It was very interesting to hear about her journey through academia, to the federal contracting world, and how she ultimately started her company that combines her passion with a way to make money. I plan to keep in touch with her and can’t wait for the Lattus platform to enable it soon.

  • Matt (society/association member)​
Interview tips, aerospace and defense, electro-optical engineering

Practice makes perfect. When it came time to interview for a new job opportunity after several years with the same company, I was out of practice. Through Lattus, I connected with an experienced leader within the highly technical and niche field that I was applying. We conducted a mock interview in the same manner he would interview one of his own candidates. I learned the types of questions that I should expect, received focused feedback on where I need to improve my responses, and made a great connection with someone I respect. As a direct result, I entered my interviews confident and prepared and received offers from all three companies I interviewed with. I am now accepting an offer to do my dream job and at a 65% salary increase too! Thank you Lattus!

  • Steve (mid-career professional)​
Startups (open gym company)

Lattus provided me with an opportunity to present my company to multiple curious, motivated minds. The conversations were stimulating and revolved around bouncing ideas off others and answering questions that led to some great discussions around new ideas and considerations, some reinforcement of strategies and just more feedback and opinions. The atmosphere on the Lattus calls were positive, energetic and innovative. All needed fuel for any budding company. A great community to tap into for any entrepreneur, or those just wanting to learn and be a part of an innovative like-minded community. I can’t wait to get back on soon with updates.

  • Cody (alumni, entrepreneur)​
Sales (general)

Lattus has connected me with several sales industry experts and I have received great career advice from people who are interested in helping me better understand what I can do with my degree upon graduation. They were in my shoes 5 years ago and want to help us out!

  • Matt (college student, alumni connection)​
Homebuying and mortage advice

Lattus paired us in no time and made it simple to schedule/re-schedule our timeslot to connect. The suggested discussion topics helped guide the conversation in a logical way allowing both mentor and I to provide professional and personal experiences in our career field. Following the connection, the mentor sent an email with resources to read before our next interaction. The Lattus experience reinvigorated my spirit for self-improvement and truly made it personal in today’s digital age.

  • Mo (mid-career professional, fellow alumni)​
Interview tips and 1st job pointers

I had such a wonderful conversation with Jamie, and she provided me with insightful tips and suggestions about doing well in interviews, considering the benefits and drawbacks of higher education vs. industry experience, and being openminded and hardworking in the work force. Her driven mindset and positive outlook, along with the stories she shared, inspired me to work hard and to focus on honing in on my interests.

It has been surprisingly easy to meet and talk to professionals through Lattus and to have the conversation started with your introductions. Also, I thought the time table in your email was very clear and helpful since everything was in one email (versus having the Doodle poll through a separate email).

  • Jiyoon (college student)​
Medical device sales

Brian and I had a 30-min phone call this afternoon. We started of with general background of his company and Brain’s role there. Brian was generous with his time and elaborated to talk about how he landed this job and about his approach to succeed in this industry. In addition I had a couple of industry-specific questions about initiating and maintaining trust and relationships with customers that could help me with a job I’m a candidate for currently. Thank you for this initiative and I hope you can grow this network to serve as many people as possible.

  • Mohammad (young professional)​
First time author

I had an excellent experience on Lattus, hearing about Leslie’s experience authoring her first book. She shared her personal insight on self-publishing vs going with a publisher and now I am looking to self-publish for my first book.

  • Carrie (retired executive)​
Investment banking

I truly enjoyed the whole Lattus experience as well as taking in David’s insights on my chosen subject. I truly valued how I was paired with someone who shares a similar vision and strives for the mission that I aim for, on how to live life, as well as with one who shares the same passion for traveling. Right now, I cannot compare your platform to any other mentoring platform.

  • Joe (college student)​