Cultivate Retention and Ignite Performance Through Human Connection and Smart Insights.

Lattus is a community engagement platform that streamlines interactions and guides your team on who to connect with inside your organization, what to discuss, how to interact, when to connect, and where to track the conversation details.

Lattus: Spark the Conversation1

How Lattus works

Your one stop shop for networking, engagement, and mentorship.


Choose topics of interest and roles
(to teach or
to learn)


Set your availability to have conversations (office hours)


Get matched and join your conversation
(all on Lattus)

Notes and Feedback

Track your notes and provide feedback

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How Lattus Helps Organizations Today

Lattus provides the engagement program that fits the needs of your organization to strengthen culture and establish belonging. Get up and running this week - onboarding is easy.

Companies (People Development)

  • Aid with the handoff of “tribal knowledge” internally
  • Align employee goals/strengths to the company goals/strengths
  • Connect your team with prospective rock stars
  • Facilitate “stay interviews” and performance evaluations
  • Teach proper mentoring and make it easy (engagement)

Professional Societies and Member Associations

  • Attract new members and retain existing members
  • Offer peer-to-peer and career mentoring
  • Grant access to your geographical diverse network
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices across the industry

High Schools and Colleges

  •  Connect students, alumni, faculty, and parents
  • Enable your community to learn about career opportunities
  • Enhance the alumni association membership
  • Provide an ongoing virtual career fair
  • Streamline finding and achieving of dream jobs

Coaches, Cohorts, and Conferences

  • Stay in touch with your class over time
  • Share lessons learned after class (from what you learned)
  • Build meaningful, lasting relationships – accountability partners
  • Add value after the class/meeting ends – “sharpen the saw”
  • Develop and maintain structured connections while tracking and managing a growing group.

Don't just take our word for it...

Practice makes perfect. When it came time to interview for a new job opportunity after several years with the same company, I was out of practice. Through Lattus, I connected with an experienced leader within the highly technical and niche field that I was applying. We conducted a mock interview in the same manner he would interview one of his own candidates. I learned the types of questions that I should expect, received focused feedback on where I need to improve my responses, and made a great connection with someone I respect. As a direct result, I entered my interviews confident and prepared and received offers from all three companies I interviewed with. I am now accepting an offer to do my dream job and at a 65% salary increase too! Thank you Lattus!

Connecting with others in a meaningful manner takes time and finding an accountability partner or mentor can be hard.
Lattus makes it easy...and fun!


Join the Lattus community to unlock invaluable advice, share tribal knowledge, and grow the network of (continuously) vetted and verified mentors and mentees


Facilitates valuable one-on-one conversations about specific topics to share insights, perspectives, and experiences with meaningful relationships


Ensures a safe, secure and private conversation for personal and professional topics – nobody gets your data, only innovation and social impact

Our Partners

Catholic University of America

We used Lattus with our young alumni council (YAC) and a class in the engineering school. The cool thing was that it didn’t take long to get trained, we didn’t have to hire another team member, and Lattus actually gives us the results we needed and the metrics will be very beneficial as we plan future events. Our community is feeling more connected and empowered with Lattus in our pocket


Lattus helped introduce us to organizations and communities that could utilize our technology through its networking feature/capabilities

Clarion University

Clarion University students were invited to participate in a focus group to test the Lattus platform. The results showcased that Lattus is able to provide an easy to use, intuitive, and student friendly solution to networking with professionals

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